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Questionnaire: which of the following four mops do you prefer?

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Mops as a necessary tool for cleaning the home, almost every household has prepared it! And their product types are diverse, we are also more troublesome when choosing, so this time to do a questionnaire survey to see which of the following four mops do you prefer? Two of which are also sold by our manufacturers, and those interested can pay attention to ours Products.
Which mop do you prefer
1. Cotton mop
The water absorption of cotton mop is very strong, and the mop head is made of PVA material. The water absorption capacity is ten times as much as that of a simple sponge. Cotton mop cleaning is fast and convenient, just pull a few pull rods in the mop head. The excellent water absorption performance of cotton mop can quickly absorb the stains on the ground, which is very suitable for kitchen and bathroom.
2. Flat mop
The advantages of the flat mop are obvious, the force area is large, and the cleaning efficiency is very high. The material of mop is fine cotton yarn and superfine fiber. The most convenient is that you can card on the waste towel, wipe up the effect is better, with the same effect as cleaning with cloth. And cleaning the dead corner of the room is also fast and effective Oh, home cleaning can not do without this help.
3. Old fashioned tampon mop
This is the most traditional mop style, cheap, it is loved by housewives. Production is simple, made of cotton strips and a wooden pole, its cleaning force is relatively strong, it is suitable for dragging tile floor. But need to use hand assisted cleaning, a long time is easy to occur the phenomenon of cotton sliver falling off.
4. Rotary mop
Rotary mop is very popular in recent years. It is very suitable for lazy people because it is convenient to clean. The mop head is made of fiber cloth which is easy to absorb water. The operation is fast and simple. The mop itself has light weight and flexible steering, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Even corner GADA's cleaning work can be handled well.

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